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As of January 1, 2014 the State of Illinois officially began the Medical Marijuana Pilot Program. Wow I thought–Now, I can medicate legally and not have to worry about stressing over carrying an eighth of marijuana–once I receive my medical card.

I searched for certified doctors via Marijuana Doctors Website. After checking-out the doctors and visit prices, I chose Pied Pfeifer Compassionate Care Clinic of Orland Park, Illinois. Pied Pfeifer is most reasonable regarding visit price–$80 Tuesday thru Friday and $45 Monday–I received a confirmation e-mail within seconds.

Finally the day arrived. A cold mid-January morning. I warmed up the car and I was en-route. After my 1 hour 45 minute drive, I finally made it to 107th Street. Entering the office a scent of Nag Champa filled the air. The office was spacious. Greeted by two friendly ladies. I filled out required paperwork and handed the receptionist my State I.D. I was warned that medical cards may not be distributed until April and the State of Illinois was still working out laws. Regardless I saw the doctor. After 30 minutes of qualifying questions,  I was told to come back for a follow up appointment which will begin the state registration process.

I thanked the doctor and the receptionist. I gave the receptionist $80 for my visit. She handed me a card and said to call and schedule my next appointment. “Talk to you soon,” I said.

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