Holistic Healing Workshop

The Holistic Healing Workshop serves as a way to connect community and individuals  by releasing anger, judgment and trauma. If you find yourself questioning your life purpose and feel a need to connect with your creative source, this workshop will help build a bridge within you and your surrounding environment. We are all born with a purpose. The more we question and express our emotions through creative endeavors as a collective, the more we begin to understand how we can work together and help everyone thrive.

Embrace psychology, creative expression and mathematics by creating a holistic solution for healing within.

The workshop will integrate a 3 step process of contemplation, meditation and creative exercise. Each step will lead to more clarity regarding healing an individual’s pain.

Participants will be allowed to share their creative project with workshop participants and explain how their creative manifestations help cope with trauma or pain.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a live workshop in your community or city, contact me at: pbagdonas@gmail.com

Look forward to healing together,
Peter Bagdonas